We are wazzu. GO COUGS.

Anonymous asked: what do you think about girls or guys who drop their greek house?

Honestly sometimes things come up financially that cause people to drop which is totally understandable. Sometimes social issues are the cause and that’s fine too. If you’re unhappy where you are you should strive to change and be happy! Sometimes Greek Life isn’t for everyone and that’s 100% okay.

hope-is-my-anchor asked: To the anon who asked about the Psych department, it's great! I'm a Psych major, and I love it. The professors are all awesome, and the advisers really know what they're doing. There are so many different fields of study and elective classes to take within the major. So, yeah...haha.

Thanks for answering this! Hopefully this will help the person who asked :)

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite thing about going to WSU?!


When it hasn’t snowed all semester

Anonymous asked: Reveal yourself on the big screen at your graduation

Haha that would be good! I decided I’m not going to anymore after hearing from some of y’all :)

Anonymous asked: Do you know how the psychology department is at WSU?

Psychology is awesome, they have a great program here. Classes are hard but extremely interesting, I kind of wish that I got a major or minor in psych!

Dead Week

Anonymous asked: Only reveal yourself if you can reveal yourself as Batman.

I’m the hero Pullman deserves….. just not the one it needs right now..

How do you think I should reveal myself?? Send me a message!